Project Fuji Fundraising Gathering (26 June 2011)

What an amazing gathering!

Ready and waiting to accept donations!

As part of her support for my fundraising efforts, Evelyn, Julia and Christina’s mother, orgainsed a family and friends gathering at her place on Sunday the 26th of June.


More than 30 people attended, all of whom were incredibly generous with their time, their support for my cause, and their donations.

We raised, on this day alone, $1,035 in donations to Oxfam Australia, and in addition, sold more than $200 of Project Fuji Raffle tickets. What an amazing display of generosity, and support for both myself, and Oxfam.

But, more importantly, it was also an amazing display of support for the Bingham family after what has been a very hard 4 years. Friends like these allow all of us to endure life after the tragedy that has occured.

The Speeches!

My lovely wife Julia, made a wonderful speech, thanking me, when there was no need, and explaining to all the reasons behind this project, all the work that has gone into this even behind the scenes, and the very purpose of this event.


I was extremely proud of the way Julia handled herself! She’s come a long way in public speaking since joining TQ!

Then it was over to me, to say some words regarding the event, explaining my drive, my reasons, and my goal. The interrest in my planned run, my reasons behind it, and the encouragement I received was wonderful, and certainly has helped inspire me, as I continue on with my training, my battle with injury, my fundraising efforts, and all the plans for the culmination of this incredible journey.

Then, it was on to the absolutely fantastic lunch, prepared by Evelyn and Allan. It exceeded their extremely high standards!

The feast!

Thank you to all who came, and all who supported. A big thank you to Evelyn who has supported me all the way and encouraged me to succeed, and to Julia, who continually encourages, supports, and inspires me to keep going, even when things are at their toughest!

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