Christina Bingham

Christina Marian Bingham
25.12.1983 – 09.05.2007


Christina lived more in her 23 years than many people live in a lifetime.

She studied, she worked, she travelled, she loved and she cared. She was not one to observe life – she lived it.

She decided at a very early age that she would go on exchange to Japan and she set plans in motion to achieve that goal.

After leaving MFAC she went to the city of Matto, Japan on a 12 month Rotary Exchange where she completed another school year. She soaked up the Japanese culture and formed strong bonds with her host families and friends. Even coming home was a challenge as she had to adapt to both speaking and thinking in English!!

She then moved to Brisbane to study for 4 ½ years at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus. What great times she had there – lots of hard work too – many of you will have memories of when your paths crossed with Christina in those years. She completed a Bachelor of Arts with Japanese and a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in International Business.

After graduation Christina travelled overseas – met friends in London and Turkey, then worked in Ireland for a time before returning to Japan for the third and last time.

There she met up with her boyfriend, Mat, and they continued travelling together.

They travelled extensively through Sri Lanka and India, before reaching what would be her last country to visit, and one of her favourite, Egypt. It was here that her life was tragically cut short, in a terrible car accident.

Christina was a beautiful young lady. Many, many lives are richer for having known her. And it is with Project Fuji that I hope to continue infusing more richness into this world, in her name, and in her memory.

Oxfam Australia works to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world.

They work to improve the lives of thousands of people through increased income, better crops, more food, cleaner water, greater access to health care and education, and increased power to speak up on important issues.

By supporting Oxfam in this major running challenge I am about to undertake, I aim to continue to influence the world in a positive manner in a way that Christina would have done if she had had the opportiunity to do so.

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