Running Man Pavey

In the year 2000, at age 24, I was living in Japan, teaching English, and having a great deal of fun! But it was at this time that I contracted a virus that temporarily did not allow my body to digest fat. The doctor prescribed me sushi, green tea, and excercise. I started to run…


Eight years later, in 2008, I ran my first race: The Gold Coast Marathon 10km (43:49). And that was the moment when I became a runner, as opposed to a jogger. I’d found my purpose. So, in 2009 I decided, if I could run 10kms, I could run 21kms, and if I could run 21kms, I thought, I could run 42kms. And that is exactly what I did!

I quickly became known as ‘The Running Man’ at work and amongst friends, and 2 years later after my first race, I took that name on, and completed the The Gold Coast Marathon (3:08:54). But that was only just the begining. A sub 3hr Marathon was there to be run, and new challenges were just begining to take formation in my mind.

I’d discovered, in the process of running my Marathons, a further purpose to running, other than for fitness, health, freedom, and a sense of achievement. I’d discovered the purpose and drive of running for a cause. In 2009, I raised $1,365 for CPEC, adding new purpose to my running obsession.

A year later, I raised $1,750, exceeding my fundraising goal, and hitting my 3hr Marathon target bang on (Melbourne Marathon – 3:00:22). The sense of achievement was overwhelming.

But still, I could not help but feel there was something more I could do. I wanted more. I wanted to run new races, tackle new challenges, and find new reasons to be out there, giving it my all.

In 2011 I will run the Fuji Mountain Race, a 21km run from the base of Mt Fuji in Japan to the very top (a 3000 meter ascent), and I will do so in memory of my late Sister-in-Law Christina Bingham, who passed away May 9 2007, and raising money for a cause that would have been dear to her heart- helping those less fortunate throughout the world.

This year, I aim to test my body, to take it to its very limits, to see what I can really do. And I hope to do so much good for the world in this personal pursuit, by raising money for charities that need it, and giving back so that my personal enjoyment may help others too…


My 2011 Races

Australian Mountain Running Championships

  • Time: 1:06:27
  • Position: 23rd

30km Glasshouse Mountains Cooks Tour Trail Run - May 16

  • Time: 2:21:10
  • Position: 1st!


30km Wildhorse Criterium – April 24

  • Time: 2:38:13
  • Position: 7th


21km Twilight Half Marathon – March 20th

  • Time: 1:27:34
  • Position: 23rd


Past Races

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