My 27th Sushi Friday!

it’s the 27th week in a row that I’ve eaten sushi, and no, I’m not even close to being sick of it. If anything, I now love sushi more than ever!

It was with some excitement, some sadness, and a lot of anticipation that I downed my raw salmon and rice this week. This is it! This is my final preperations for the biggest thing I’ve ever done. A fair bit of contemplation was had as I sipped on my Miso soup: thoughts of all the work I have done. I’ve raised a ton of money, for an amazing charity. But moreso, I’ve managed to help us all remember Christina once more, in the positive light that she would have wanted. I have given us something to focus on, and be proud of. I’m proud to have each and every one of you with me. And I’ll take you all there to the top of Japan’s highest mountian.

And so, here we go. I have the Project Fuji Sayonara Party on Sunday afternoon, when the huge Project Fuji Raffle will be drawn. My absolute best wishes and gratitude to all who have entered. I can’t wait to draw those names out of the hat and see who gets those fantastic prizes!

I have 2 more runs to complete before the main event. A major hill running session tomorrow morning, and then a softly softly jog on Tuesday. In between, I’ll complete one last swim at my favourite Centenary Pool.

Yes, a lot of reflection going on now as it all draws near to the end… but we’re not there yet. The race is still to be run, and I’m all set to run it. So, let’s do this! Let’s bring on next Friday!



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My Last Tri Thursday Before Fuji!

Had an absolutely great workout tonight. Did it tough, and hard, testing the body as much as I could without risking injury… may have gone a little too hard!

1500m swim – 37min PB!

9km Ride – 32min

7.5km Run – 31.20min PB for a Tri Thursday Run and the closest I’ve been to a sub 30min on the course all year! A great omen…


Sushi Friday here I come…

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Sushi Friday!!!

Another Sushi Friday has rolled by faster than I am running!

Looking forward to my raw salmon today, and hoping it not only helps with a reduction in inflammation and therefore recovery, but also gives me energy and strength!

As Friday 22nd draws rapidly closer, my days are just getting busier and busier. More training! Less sleep. More preparation for our Japan trip! And a rapidly declining bank balance!!! All of which remains insignificant to the number one goal, of raising money for Oxfam!

I’ve made such great progress in my fundraising, and am now at $6,815! However, this is still more than $3,000!off my target! The last thing I want to do is go into my race up Mt Fuji knowing I’ve failed at my first hurdle! I need you all behind me! I need you all to be there with me as I start this climb of this phenomenal mountain. Please Donate now to keep the ball rolling.

So it’s on with the sushi, then a massage tonight to help keep this rickety body working. Then, a fundraising gathering on the Sunshine Coast Saturday, and finally a massive 18km hill run on Sunday! Busy busy!!!

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Ahhh… Sushi Friday how I love thee!!!

You might think that eating sushi every week for 6 months might start to get a little boring. But no, I just had the nicest sushi once more this week.

Raw salmon, raw tuna, raw king fish, gorgeous Japanese rice, plenty of Japanese Soy Sauce, a huge helping of wasabi, all washed down with Miso Soup, and I went straight to culinary heaven this Friday lunch time!

The sushi shop, Sushi Sushi, outdid themselves today. It was all especially fresh, generous in serving, nice and cold, and just perfect!

It’s amazing now to think that I have only 2 more Sushi Friday’s left before the most important Friday of my year, Friday 22 July, when I ascend  Mt Fuji. With so much support, so many generous donations by friends and family, I am carrying with me the very best of people, the very best of memories, and the very greratest of tributes to a most special person.

I can only hope to do you all proud!

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Tri Thursday

1500 meter swim – 38min! Slowly getting faster…
10km ride – 26min
7.5km run – 31min! Great pace..

Achilles felt good all through… But now flaring up and hurting…

All in all, a successful Tri Thursday.

Bring on Sushi Friday recovery day!!!

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Sushi Friday! – Thank Goodness!!!

With The Fuji Mountain Race less than 30 days away, my training is in over-drive, and my body is in meltdown!

Currently: I’m suffering from over-tight claves, which are causing my achilles tendonitis to flair up. I now have shin splint sorness on the outside of my legs, that I can’t seem to shake, and I’m suffering from intermittent back spasm concerns. On top of this, I have grazes on my head (from running into a tree – George of the Jungle style!), my arm, and my knees, from my tangle with the Gold Coast Hinterland jungle! (an update on last Sunday’s run is forthcoming…). So, it’s all happening! Anyone who may doubt my committment, well, I’ve got scars now to show my stuborn determination!

On top of all of this, I didn’t have my obligatory grilled salmon on Wednesday night (I had barramundi instead) which was probably my first mistake! So, it will be extra-salmon sushi today. The more that I can shovel in the better! Then, it’s off to the physio for some emergency treatment on my greatest concern, the achilles.

That all being said, I’ve quit drinking for the next 30 days. Yes, a further sacrifice to prove to all my true grit and determination for this project! I have trained harder than ever this week, have a massive 18km hilly run planned for Saturday, and my fundraising is going ahead in leaps and bounds! I am going to smash this challenge on all fronts… I just need all you to help me blast that $10,000 fundraising target! $5,000 and counting. I am well on my way there!!!

Help me get me over the line on this first hurdle, and I’ll make certain I get up that volcano and across that second hurdle line with true success!

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Sushi Friday!!!!

I look forward to Sushi Friday every week. And here it is again!!!

However, I was a little reluctant today, when I stepped out for sushi. It was cold, and I had to walk past the german sausage stand at the Brisbane Winter Festival… and the Glu Wein stand! Mmmm… warm food. BUT, it is Sushi Friday!

My Winter Treat

So, I pushed on, and went to my favourite Sushi store, where I purchased my sushi, and, my winter treat, Miso Soup. Mmmm Miso soup… nice and warm… good for winter… and delicious!

So it was down with the warm soup, and the raw fish. Another successful sushi lunch, and another fantastic meal! Another end to another hard week of training.

Only 34 days left… it’s getting closer now…. Japan is nearly here…

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Tri Thursday Done!

I’ve been feeling sore still all week. The calves are improving, but they’re still tight, and making all my training at the moment a hard slog!

That being said, I started out tonight, in very cold conditions on a 1500 meter swim. Back at the Spring Hill pool for the first time in over 2 months. A much more convenient location on the bike path than the Valley Pools, but also a lot colder!!! Believe me, I swam super fast tonight!

The ride was freezing!!! 8 degrees they say! Add wind chill and you have some seriously cold air to ride home in!!! That being said, I enjoyed this portion of the training most.

The 7km run is usually my favourite portion of the training, but tonight it was just a plain hard slog… I had to remind myself of the fact that you can’t have great runs every time, and that I had my great run on Sunday (41kms in sub 3hrs!)… Tonight was a hard work night…

Now it is icing my wounds, then self massage, then a heat pack, maybe a glass of whiskey, and some nuts!

Tomorrow will be my Sushi Friday, with a protein shake in the morning. Then off to No More Knots for another massage on these rickety old legs!

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Update from Race Organisers!

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 16:11:46 +0900

Subject: 2011 Fuji Mountain Race

Hello 2011 Competitors, It was officially announced today that this year’s race will be held as initially planned. So far, the snow melt has not revealed any earthquake damage.

If you are receiving this email, you are registered for the race, We will prepare a race packet for you and await your arrival at race registration. If you are planning to withdrawal your application, it is absolutely necessary to notify me at your earliest convenience.

Good luck with your training and travel preparations. I will put out some general race information in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or concerns. Also, please let me know if you still need assistance with finding accommodation. I plan to remove a “racers-only” block at a local hostel this weekend. The people of Fujiyoshida and myself are really looking forward to meeting you and cheering up Mt. Fuji! Kind Regards,


Coordinator for International Relations

Fujiyoshida City Hall JAPAN

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Sushi Friday!

Soy Sauce

A bottle of pure goodness the size of Mt Fuji. That ought to help me get up to the top!!!

It’s 41 days and counting!

So I’d better start downing that sushi more now than ever! Recovery, recovery, recovery. I’m pushing my body to it’s limits.

I’m swimming further and harder, riding harder and longer, and running further, faster, harder, with more hills, and more training sessions!

The massages at No More Knots is helping my calf, as are the compression socks I’m wearing to bed every night and running in. I’m using heat packs, I’m stretching. I’m downing protein shakes for breakfast and post runs. More Museli, more almond milk, more of everything!

Of course, more sushi! Indeed, it was Sushi Thursday Night last night for dinner. And, it was Salmon Lunch yesterday, oh, and the night before last for dinner. I’ve certainly embraced fish now like a long lost friend. And… it seems to be working!

So it’s my favourite ‘Sushi Sushi’ set for lunch today, then a 30km run this weekend. I’m sticking to flats rather than the mountains this weekend to give my calves a little reprieve (two weekends in a row… I don’t want to push my luck with this rickety old body of mine…). But then, I’ll back it up with some resious hills next week.

The fundraising is really starting to pick up. More and more people are jumping on and supporting me. Thank you all sooooo much!!!! Let’s keep going! Spread the word. I’ve a long way to go…

So, it’s off to have some raw fish with my Soy Sauce… and of course some wasabi! I hope some of you out there might join me. 🙂

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