About Project Fuji

Christina Bingham2011 for me, was Project Fuji, a personal goal to race up Japan’s highest mountain, Mt Fuji, and in the process, raise money for Oxfam Australia in memory of my late siste-in-law, Christina Bingham.

Christina Bingham died at age 23 in a tragic car accident in Egypt on 9 May 2007.

It was a horrible time for Christina’s family and it has been a long tough road back to some form of normality.

Christina loved Japan. She lived in Japan for a time, and lived for Japan.

Running up Mt Fuji, and completing this ultimate test of endurance, was a way for me to remember Christina in a way she would have truly loved.

Christina Bingham

Christina loved travel, she loved Japan, and she immersed herself in Japanese culture. In the year 2000, she lived for a year in Kanazawa prefecture, completing a second year of year 12. In many ways it defined her life, and made her the person she was. In 2006, after graduating from University she returned to Japan to work a winter season in the ski fields. She then embarked on a world trip, that included Sri Lanka (pictured right) and encompassed much of India.

Unfortunately, she passed away in a car accident in Egypt in 2007 doing what she loved most, which was travelling and experiencing other cultures… more

  Oxfam Australia


Christina had definite plans to volunteer in South East Asia before her life was tragically cut short; to help those living in poverty, to make something of themselves, and their lives. And this is exactly what Oxfam does, and why they were my chosen charity.

Oxfam Australia uses donations to help those in poverty stricken regions help themselves. It encourages self-development and self-improvement. Something I believe in strongly, and something I know Christina believed in… more

I originally aimed to raise over $10,000 for Oxfam. Through the immense generosity of all those that Christina managed to touch in her life, I managed to raise well in excess of $15,000!

The Fuji Mountain Race

The Fuji Mountain Race is the most difficult climbing race in Japan! It is a race which begins at Fujiyoshida City Hall and covers just over 21 kms of climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji. In 2011, the 64th Annual Fuji Mountain Race took place on, Friday, July 22nd… more

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