The Injuries

July 2011: Achilles tendonitis. Flared up big time and I batteled it for more than 2 months leading up to the race. I refused to stop training, but it held me back a little. Very frustrating, but the good news is that it didn’t stop me from training. With my taper, I hoped it would improve. It did, but throughout the race it caused me grief. Subsequent to the race it has flared up bad and stopped me from running…

June 2011 – Over-tight calves. Intense Massage, heat packs, stretching, the works… Very stuborn. They only started to subside as the achilles flared back up!

May 2011 – Calf strain on the right leg. Caused by rolling my ankle quite badly during the Easter Sunday 30km Trail Run. Seems to be healing quite well. Am managing with ice and compression bandages. Not as bad as the achilles issue, but is still something to be worried about…

February 2011 – Achilles Tendonitis – severity has subsided. However, after more than 6 weeks in recovery it was still persisting and causing pain in the mornings and after rest. Seems to be at it’s worst after a bike work out. At it’s best after 2 days rest and longer runs!

The foot that is causing me so much frustration!


Treatment – a lot of icing, so much so that on the weekend I gave myself some severe frostbite which is now peeling. I could barely walk on the heel after this, but that is starting to clear up. Lots of use of compression banding, which seems to help. I’ve even been sleeping with the bandage on which seems to have helped more!


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