Project Fuji FAQs

I was asked some big questions concerning Project Fuji, none bigger than why? Unfortunately, that particular question, I’ve yet to get a better answer for than, why not? But below, you’ll find a list of FAQs and my best attempts at an answer:


1. Are you still going to Japan after all that has happened?

Yes! I did! Nothing was going to stop me from attaining my goal; not earthquakes, tsunamis, nor radioactive melt downs. I had a date with Mt Fuji!!!!

2. What happened to raising money for Rotary?

Rotary, unfortunately, was unable to assist me where need be in terms of setting up a fundraising site and working out what could be done with the money raised.

3. Why did you raise money for Oxfam Australia?

Oxfam  is a non-government, non-religious, affiliated charity which works throughout the world at assisting those living in poverty. They do this by providing means for the people burdened in these parts of the world to better improve their own quality of life. They couldn’t have been a better fit for my beliefs, and the beliefs and goals Christina held dear.

4. If I subscribe to your newsletter will that mean I’m subscribing to Oxfam?

No. You’ll be only subscribing to my newsletter, which will allow you to keep up with all my updates and news!

5. Was the money dontated used to help you get to Japan and the race?

No. All money raised went directly to Oxfam. I self-funded my trip to Japan, the race entry, and all other costs that arose.

6. Why didn’t you raise money for the Japanese Disaster?

The main reason was that the Japanese Charities themselves were the only ones raising money and assisting with the disaster. Japan, being a well-developed country, with excellent charities, fundraised their disaster responses internally. There was only a small amount of support asked for by these charities in Japan from external worldwide charities, and therefore, there was only a finite amount of good these external charities could do, and a finite amount of money needed.

While Oxfam Japan assisted in the disaster, Oxfam Australia was not asked to assist. Instead, their resources were used for assistance and development in Japan’s neighbouring countires where it was needed more – something Japan and the Japanese people themselves were comfortable with. So, I believe, the money I raised was best put into such works.

7. How can I donate?

Donations are no longer being accepted for Project Fuji. Please visit Oxfam Australia if you would like to donate directly to a very worthy charity.

8. How will the money be used?

The money raised will go towards helping those within our region, in battling against poverty. You can learn more here.

9. How far  is the race? And is it really up Mt Fuji?

The race is 21kms (equivalant to a Half Marathon). The total elevation gain is 3000 meters. And yes, it’s straight up the mountain! It generally takes runners the same amount of time to complete this race as it does for them to complete a Marathon plus an additional 30 minutes!

10. Why did you run this race in Christina’s memory?

Christina loved Japan. It was where she truly shined as a person. It was 4 years since she passed away, and I felt, along with her family, it appropriate and right to do something in her honour and memory. It was fitting to do a race in her favourite country, Japan, in her honour.

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